Contact Lenses

Contact lenses

Prescription contact lenses 

Mark Scott Opticians in Portstewart are specialists in prescription glasses and contact lenses, offering comprehensive consultations and high quality products.
Catering to all manner of prescriptions and for short and long term wear, our specialist team can advise and supply contact lenses tailored specifically to you and your requirements.

With the advance of materials and technology, contact lenses are more comfortable to wear and available for more prescriptions than ever before.

Our prescription contact lens range incorporates:

Daily disposables

For occasional wear and for full time wear with no cleaning or solutions required. They are also available to correct astigmatism.

Monthly disposables

These lenses can be worn as monthly disposable by removing and cleaning every night or they can be used as extended wear lenses and slept in for 30 days' continuous wear.

Two weekly disposable lenses

These lenses are suitable for patients who build up protein deposits on their lenses or experience discomfort at the end of the monthly cycle.

Multi-focal lenses

These lenses are designed for patients having problems with small print and distance vision and they work in a similar way to bifocal and varifocal glasses. Available in daily two weekly or monthly options.

Toric contact lenses

Toric Contact Lenses are used to correct astigmatism which is an irregular or rugby ball shape of the front of the eye. They are available in daily two-weekly and monthly options.

Coloured contact lenses

For people who want to either change or enhance the colour of their eyes.

With advances in technology most people can now wear lenses, we offer all types at very reasonable rates, so why not see if contact lenses would suit you?
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Do you think you need prescription contact lenses? Call Mark Scott Opticians in Portstewart today on 028 7083 3302 

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