Eye tests in Portstewart & Londonderry

Eye tests, including diabetic & glaucoma screening

Most opticians recommend that you have your eyes examined at least every two years to ensure that you catch any possible problems in their infancy. We offer you comprehensive eye tests and eye care examinations, using the very latest techniques and technologies to ensure you receive truly superb service and the correct prescriptions where necessary.

Our eye tests check for glaucoma, diabetes and hypertension, ensuring that not only your eyesight but the overall health of your eyes are checked.

Our highly trained optometrists provide friendly professional eye care for clients of all ages.

Free eye care

Who could be entitled to a free eye test?

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Under 16s

Education icon

Under 19s in full time education

Grandmother icon

Over 60s

Loupe icon

People (or partners of people) who receive certain benefits

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Holders (or partners of holders) of a HC2 certificate

Prescription icon

People with a complex prescription

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People diagnosed diabetic or with glaucoma

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People aged 40 or over who are related to a glaucoma patient

Frame & lens supplier

A professional optometrist is trained not only to test your sight but also to spot any eye problems and treat any eye infections. We also offer a wide range of products including contact lenses, glasses and sunglasses. If you notice any changes to your eyes or in your eyesight, contact us as soon as possible. We cover clients from across the Provence and beyond.

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